Prainha Beach

Hanging out with someone that doesn’t speak your language, and you don’t speak theirs, is an experience I hope you have had.  If not add that to your bucket list.  Victor had to work so talked his friend into taking me out to his favorite beach to hang out and hike.  His friend didn’t speak English (and I only speak English).  We were together 7 hours and laughed the whole time.  We would have a thought or see something that we wanted to share and instinctually start talking, constantly forgetting that we couldn’t understand each other.  We didn’t eventually learn and stop talking, we continued to want to share and laughing when we couldn’t.  Here are the photos from that hike of an afternoon that I made a cool connection with another human, without words to help.  024-YouAreHerePhoto022-YouAreHerePhoto023-YouAreHerePhoto025-YouAreHerePhoto034-YouAreHerePhoto035-YouAreHerePhoto030-YouAreHerePhoto031-YouAreHerePhoto027-YouAreHerePhoto029-YouAreHerePhoto028-YouAreHerePhoto036-YouAreHerePhoto037-YouAreHerePhoto038-YouAreHerePhoto041-YouAreHerePhoto040-YouAreHerePhoto039-YouAreHerePhoto042-YouAreHerePhoto043-YouAreHerePhoto046-YouAreHerePhoto047-YouAreHerePhoto