I am here!

Hi, I’m Anne!
That is me up there.  
Sometimes this job makes me feel like a window peeper.
I get invited into your most intimate times.
I photograph your parents crying tears of joy, I photograph you making out, cuddling, writing love notes to each other, etc.
And I love that.
I’ve been doing this for 9 years and I continue to fall in love with it.
I am quirky, as we all are, but some people simply hide that too well, and my job is to get you comfortable enough to stop hiding and to capture it for you to laugh at when you’re 50+ years old.
I pride myself in being good at that part, and also in making people who claim to be unphotogenic smile when they look at the photos of themselves.
Your life is beautiful, and so are you, so thank you for recognizing that it is worth capturing!