Iguazu Falls

Getting from Brazil to Argentina took me about 4 hours to go 12km.  The hostel I stayed at the night before sent me to this bus stop where 7 different buses passes and when I tried to communicate to the bus driver that I wanted to go to Argentina they told me that their bus was the wrong one, at least thats what I gathered from our charades game.  Eventually one of the bus drivers felt sorry for me and took me to another bus stop.  At this next bus stop I found 3 British girls in the same predicament.  We decided to split the price of a cab however it is harder for Americans to get into Argentina than Americans, so I had to get out and wait at the boarder for the taxi to return and take me somewhere to gather the correct papers.  After a long day of charades and misunderstanding, I made it to my hostel in Argentina and enjoyed a sunset on the bridge that separated the two countries.  This hostel was basically my first real hostel experience and greeted me with a warm hug.  I met a friend to explore the falls with the next day, I met a guy that was on the Argentina’s version of the voice and had to delete a Facebook friend to add me, and I met a group of 4 crazy Minnesota boys with mustaches that still make me smile when I think about them.

Argentina’s side of Iguazu Falls was filled with wildlife and waterfalls you could swim in and bridges that walked right over the falls that I viewed from the Brazilian side the day before.  My photos say more than my words will…  001-weddingphotography005-weddingphotography003-weddingphotography 006-weddingphotography007-weddingphotography008-weddingphotography026-weddingphotography047-weddingphotography 027-weddingphotography048-weddingphotography011-weddingphotography018-weddingphotography023-weddingphotography022-weddingphotography024-weddingphotography014-weddingphotography020-weddingphotography016-weddingphotography017-weddingphotography 015-weddingphotography 021-weddingphotography 025-weddingphotography010-weddingphotography041-weddingphotography035-weddingphotography046-weddingphotography036-weddingphotography 045-weddingphotography043-weddingphotography039-weddingphotography040-weddingphotography037-weddingphotography044-weddingphotography033-weddingphotography 030-weddingphotography 029-weddingphotography 028-weddingphotography034-weddingphotography042-weddingphotography

and a selfie sign out… wish you were here!