White Sands New Mexico

I don’t know if I am posting an exuberant amount of photos in the these last posts because they are the last posts of the last trip and I want it to linger longer, or if it is because they are worthy of an exuberant amount of photos.  I will say the later, but let you decide.  There is only one word to describe the white sands of New Mexico and that is magical.  If the first half of this post doesn’t convince you, the sunset surely will.  The beginning pictures show what it looks like minutes before you hit the white sands and then the scenery changes almost instantly.  It was almost like being in the snowy mountains, but warm and with cactus.   We sled down the hills, learned about this tree that shelters hundreds of caterpillars and witnessed a breathtaking sunset.  This was my favorite spot on the trip hands down, and definitely worthy of a visit in your lifetime.  It could even be a somewhat crazy weekend trip because once we left Marfa we didn’t sleep until we hit our beds at home.  Enjoy and get inspired to save and explore!