The Truck Yard

I went to school at SMU in Dallas, TX and was so excited to drive through to show Skyler my old stomping grounds.  However once I arrived and saw how much it changed, I wanted to explore the new areas myself.  I left SMU before the foodie pandemic got huge and have to say Dallas got pretty awesome in the past few years.  One place we stumbled into and never wanted to leave was The Truck Yard.  We took so many pictures to remember it by that I don’t have to explain it much to you, but the vibe was perfect.  The lawn chairs, fire pits, stages made out of truck beds, a tree house with rules, etc… I may have to steal some ideas (like the coolers as chairs) for my future backyard.  Enjoy! And if you are around Dallas drink a Revolver Blood and Honey for me.  It is my new favorite beer.  
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Wish you were here!