The Jemez Mountains

Last September my cousin invited Skyler and me to stay with her in Pennsylvania for the spring, which started us dreaming about an epic road trip to see The South. Two weeks before the trip our plans were only a tentative connect-the-dots in between friends to visit, until our friend Rachel texted that she needed a break from work, so we invited her to join and had her to help plan the first week.  Our first stop was her brother’s house in the Jemez Mountains.  15 hours after we had left California’s 80 degree winter, we arrived in a small town that was 30 min away from the closest restaurant, had no street lights, and was pushing 25 degrees.  We were welcomed into a gorgeous log cabin with speakers playing folk music, a fridge filled with cold beer and a fire place heating and lighting it all.
The next day I woke up filled with anticipation to see what it looked like outside and instantly understood the joy of experiencing seasons.  Her brother suggested a hike to the San Antonio Hot Springs that he promised would be life changing and worth the cold 7.5 mile trek.  With the description he gave there was no way we could say no, even after the first half mile proved the whole hike would be thick with mud and snow.  It was just as he said and a place we will definitely visit again.  As always we take a million pictures, so you can live vicariously through these, but then make sure to add it to your “must-see-places list”

Wish you were here!
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