South America

I have wanted to travel the world since I could remember.  My dad did it by finding an overseas job and traveling on weekends, so I always assumed that would be how I did it.  I got my B.S. in Physics and thought I could move to Switzerland and work at Cern.  But problem was physics didn’t make me happy and so my motivation to find a physics job was nonexistent.  I then started thinking of other jobs as a way to get abroad, such as teaching english in Japan, or being a bicycle tour guide in France.  I half heartedly researched these and tried, while saving all my money for when I got there.  I never thought I would go alone. I thought I would have coworkers, or my at the time fiancé, or crash another friend’s trip.  Years went by and I did trips in the U.S. because they were less scary and required less of a commitment (also I wanted to know my own country better).  Until I found myself with 4 months of no booked weddings (during the winter), at first I thought I would spend the winter instead working to book weddings, or making myself better so that this kind of gap didn’t occur in the future.  Until I got the crazy idea, that this was my opportunity to go.

The following posts will be my trip, which is long over due for being edited and posted and shared.  Although I went alone, I never felt alone, I was blessed with so many friendships.  I learned how beautiful the wold is, and people are, and my hope is to extend that curiosity and awe to you.  In planning my trip, I received more hesitation from people because of bad stories they have heard, so here is my attempt to try to balance out those scary stories with some beautiful ones.  Enjoy, wish you were here!