Slab City

Slab City lives right behind Salvation Mountain.  I could see tens of campers from the top of the mountain and convinced Skyler to check it out with me.  As we apprehensively walked around these people’s homes we didn’t know if we were welcome or trespassing.  Eventually we ran into a “local” and he explained this interesting place to us and said we were for the most part welcome to explore.  He told us that Slab City is right next to where they test bombs.  For this reason anyone is allowed to live there for free.  There is about 150 permanent residence and no electricity or water in Slab City.  However, we did meet The solar power man that allows people to use a charging station on his spot, and also helps people get solar power. Many of the people that live here attend burning man, and it is apparent as you see how creative they are in building a resourceful and artistic home.  They have created a space for concerts and talent shows called The Range.   There is a big art yard (a sign mentions that they are a non-profit corporation) called East Jesus, full of liberal messages and sculptures.  There is an information kiosk and a community bulletin board.  I have never heard of Slab City or a place like it, where the homeless have created such a unique community and home.    


Upon leaving Slab City they leave you with a sign of caution.   slabcity072