Seaside & Pensacola Florida

 The white sand peaches of Florida were so relaxing.  We were getting towards the end of our trip, where we were ready for home, but didn’t want to skip over all the gem towns along the way.  We couch surfed in Seaside Florida (location of the truman show) and stayed with a guy that works on a grass-fed beef ranch.  He said if we brought the drinks he would cook us up a special meal.  Best trade ever! Except we embarrassingly brought one of our new favorite beers Yuengling (from philly) and found out it is the east coast Budweiser.  So we didn’t impress him, but it started off the night with fun bantering and bringing up all the mishaps of the trip. Seaside had some of the cleanest and prettiest beaches, it felt like a vacation in a vacation.

An hour from there is Pensacola where we spent another day as beach bums (trying to get some color before getting back to Cali).  Again it was so fun to drink on the sand and discovered these $1 alcoholic milkshakes called Bushwackers.  That night Skyler introduced me to the NFL Draft, which I refer to as the man version of the show The Bachelorette, and I can’t believe I have never heard about it until now.  It was so interesting to watch the excitement and anticipation on the players faces as they eagerly waited to get their name announced.  We Stayed with a fire fighter in Pensacola, who spent the previous week saving people from an intense flood that completely engulfed houses, leaving people to climb on their roofs for refuge.  He also spoiled us with his 3d TV and gorgeous backyard with a canal that you could kayak in.  You really don’t have to leave the country for fun and gorgeous beaches.