Deluxe apartment in the sky (NYC part 1)

This will be one of those stories of being young and crazy; living on condiment packets and an air mattress…

My friend Diego just switched apartments and there was an overlap of leases, blessing us with a free apartment in the city.  We jumped at this chance even though it was going to be around 30 degrees everyday.  Our time in NYC was one of the most testing times we’ve experienced together, but it also gave us some of the best stories.  We spent 9 days in NYC and in the course of those 9 days we went to: the MoMA, the Met., the MAD, Stanton Island, Coney Island, Roosevelt Island, Brooklyn, SoHo, Long Island City, China Town, Central Park, Grand Central Station’s whisper tunnel, the 9/11 Memorial, a restaurant off Anthony Bourdain’s top 13 places to eat before you die, a secret bar inside a telephone booth, and of course Times Square and a broadway musical.

But before we get into all of that we don’t want to skip over the most memorable place on the trip, the apartment.  The apartment that one night when the landlord accidentally locked us out, Skyler climbed the scaffolding from the sidewalk, to the fire escape to our window on the fifth floor to save the day.  The apartment that lived above the 24hr Hot & Crusty’s NY Bagel shop, that fed us on their $1.30 bagel’s and packets of mayonnaise.  The apartment that we shared a twin size air mattress in 8 of the 9 days because our other one had a hole.  And the apartment that saved us from the 19 degree cold day and provided beautiful portrait light to entertain us.

Here is the apartment…



Wish you were here!