In Nashville we took a quick walk down Broadway, and there was at least one band preforming in every bar and restaurant.  We ate at a nearby diner and there was a band waiting to eat next to us, singing to each other.  Nashville is all about the musicians, but we saw a different side of it.  We experienced the food and the neat old houses.  We became friends with some of the locals and attended a Hunger Game themed birthday party and backyard campfire bbq.  We got lost on their crazy highway system and sang karaoke in a Santa themed bar.  We took a lazy day editing in a local coffee shop and another day walking dogs around an abandon airport.  It is interesting to see what a city is like behind all of its tourist attractions.
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Thanks Abby & Katie for showing us the cool parts of Nashville like the flea market, abandon airport and the best biscuit I’ve ever had.  You guys take themed birthday parties to the next level!rt_blog_117