Mr & Mrs Hirsch were here

I am all of the good kinds of jealous of Gina and Nate. Their love, their friends, their family, their style and the way they carry themselves is beautiful and admirable.  They are amazing humans who make everyone feel seen and important.  I have known Nate since he was in elementary school and I have always been impressed by his joy and humility.  Being friends with his older brother, I watched him let us boss him around yet he never lost his cool or kindness.  It is hard not to respect him, then when I met the lady that stole his heart I saw instantly how well they fit together.  Gina is funny and welcoming, gorgeous and talented, and has this calmness about her that you could instantly feel comfortable around.  During the course of their wedding weekend I tried to get them and their families to adapt me and may have managed to get an invite to thanksgiving this year.  Not only are they all those amazing things, but they know how to throw a party and celebrate, I will let the pictures say the rest.  Congratulations you two! Thank you for letting me be a part of this beautiful day!

(if you want to look at these while listening to their first dance song, play Coming Home by Leon Bridges )