Mr & Mrs Frederick were here

The first time I ever met Kathy was when I walked into her parents house on her wedding day.  It instantly felt like it was going to be a good day when the house was filled with laughter and really relaxed people who’s concerns were if I was hungry.    From there we drove half an hour to this gorgeous church with a window covering the whole back wall.  We realized the veil was at the house, and without a sweat Kathy said if we can’t get it here in time, then it is ok.  As the organ played and she was silhouetted in that back window, I turned to see a groom whose heart was full.  They shared the same laughs during the ceremony without needing words, just the look in the other person’s eyes.  Like when the pastor had the same watch that Keegan had given his grooms woman as a gift.  As the ceremony continued into the reception, I got to learn about this woman that Keegan had chosen to be his forever and watch them celebrate that decision with their friends and family.  Somewhere during the day I went from being a stranger to an honored guest and it might have happened in those first five minutes of walking into Kathy’s parents house.  I hope the world for you two and for Keegan to continue to serenade you in surprise ways.  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your day.

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