Mr & Mrs Finnegan were here

This couple is probably cooler than any of us ever will be.  She is a mechanical engineer turning PT, he is a printer salesmen (like Jim) with amazing cocktail skills willing to move anywhere fun in the world with her. They are the nicest people/ couple any of the guests and myself have met.  They got married in a barn half an hour away from Boston.  They had an amazing band and their wedding fell on the first perfect day after winter.  She had an equal number of bridesmaids and bridesmen.  He may or may not have been so excited that he put his suspenders over his vest.  She wore ballroom dancing shoes because she assumed they would be the most comfortable, and worked well for their first dance where they danced foxtrot. He was the first groom I’ve seen to bustle the bride’s dress for her.  She vowed to always share her last bite.  He let her invite everyone to an afterparty in their room until 3am.  This was a perfect day.