Mr & Mrs Disotell were here

To describe how cool Andrew & Andrea are I will tell you a few things that tell a lot about them.  One from the beginning when I was talking to them they said their guest were one of the most important things to them.  They didn’t need or really want the getting ready pictures or details but wanted to make sure they had photos of all their friends and family.  Second when I Skyped with them, a week before their wedding, I knew I would love them when they started to laugh at themselves because of how pale they both were, and Andrea said as long as she is tanner than her dress than she was happy.  Their wedding day was gorgeous and they created this event that was both classy but very relaxed at the same time.  As you can tell from the pictures they were so easy to photograph because they are a beautiful couple that look at each other with so much happiness.   Lastly at the end of the night when I was done they invited me to stay and dance and celebrate if I wanted.  I am filled with so much joy when amazing people trust me to follow them around all day and capture one of the biggest decisions of their lives.  Andrew and Andrea I am excited to now call you friends.    youarehere015youarehere014youarehere001 youarehere002 youarehere003 youarehere004youarehere114 youarehere005 youarehere006youarehere009 youarehere010 youarehere011 youarehere012 youarehere013youarehere022youarehere026 youarehere023youarehere025youarehere027youarehere029youarehere016youarehere030youarehere044youarehere032 youarehere033youarehere035youarehere036youarehere163youarehere162youarehere040youarehere042youarehere045youarehere074youarehere061youarehere060 youarehere046 youarehere047youarehere069 youarehere048 youarehere049youarehere053youarehere052youarehere054 youarehere055 youarehere056 youarehere057youarehere073youarehere059youarehere062youarehere071 youarehere063 youarehere064youarehere070 youarehere065youarehere067youarehere068youarehere075youarehere079youarehere164youarehere165youarehere080youarehere089youarehere077youarehere083 youarehere084youarehere086 youarehere087youarehere090 youarehere091youarehere093 youarehere094 youarehere095 youarehere096 youarehere097youarehere099 youarehere100youarehere102 youarehere103youarehere109youarehere107youarehere112youarehere111youarehere105 youarehere106youarehere110youarehere113youarehere108youarehere116youarehere115youarehere117youarehere119youarehere120youarehere121youarehere158youarehere168youarehere169youarehere170youarehere171youarehere160youarehere159youarehere172youarehere173youarehere132 youarehere133 youarehere134 youarehere135 youarehere136 youarehere137youarehere146youarehere143youarehere147youarehere148youarehere151youarehere152youarehere153youarehere154youarehere139youarehere141youarehere157youarehere140 youarehere156 youarehere149