Mr & Mrs Chan were here

If you remember this engagement shoot HERE I talked about how this couple had me giggling the whole time.  Their wedding and friends were no different and had me laughing the whole day.  It started with a Chinese tea ceremony in which the groom had to win over the bride through challenges with the help of his groomsmen.  The bridesmaids had them drinking a cup of sugar, lemon juice, and tabasco sauce.   Kenneth’s groomsmen were so good to him and finished off the tabasco sauce so Kenneth didn’t have to drink any.  After Kenneth had to proclaim his love to his bride through a curtain until Janice was convinced to come out.   Janice made him work for it as he laughed at himself while everyone listened and watched him try different things.  Next during the tea ceremony there was joy in the room as everyone laughed and teased each other as Janice and Kenneth received gifts and blessings.  The father of the groom was feeling sea sick, yet instead of receiving pity someone commented how he was sick with excitement for the day.  I loved being a fly on the wall and photographing all this love.

Later in the day was the traditional wedding ceremony with a Captain as an officiant. His english was hard to understand and during the vows Janice pulled over his script and started reading it for herself.  No hiccup was met without laughter and I think that is how Kenneth and Janice will make a happily ever after.  During the reception Kenneth spontaneously preformed karaoke to a song for Janice.  And of course they were the kind of couple to have a little cake fight during the cake cutting.  There was also more games during the reception than I have ever seen and everyone was such a good sport.  I didn’t want the wedding to end and was so happy to be stuck on a boat for the next 2 days with all these beautiful people.  Janice and Kenneth I am so excited for you and am honored to have been a part of your special day.