Jill & Nathan were here

Jill and Nathan planned such a fun engagement session.  I got an email from Jill asking if I was available April 9th to go down to San Diego to ride carnival rides and go to these beautiful sunset cliffs.  She also added that they would treat me to dinner and we would be going to her friend’s house after for dessert.  When they picked me up there was a present waiting for me and the day only got better after that.  It was so full and exciting that I crashed on the ride back to Orange County.  As I drifted in and out of sleep I heard how cute these two are together.  They play a question game where they ask serious and silly questions back and forth and have been playing this since they met.  They love each other so much and want to know each other completely.  I am so happy for their wedding day and am preparing myself to tear up behind my camera when listening to their vows and the beautiful songs they chose to do their first dance to and walk down the isle to.  Jill thank you for trusting me to capture your love and treating me so well, I was so honored to be the third wheel and hang out with you guys yesterday.

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