Javi & Rachael were here

We are introducing mini-sessions.  It’s a shorter session than normal.  It is only 1 location and 1 outfit.
We did our first mini sesh as a thank you to Javi & Rachael who hosted us in Nashville, TN.  They were friend’s of friend’s of a friend and offered us their home so we could explore an extra day.  Rachael is from Nashville.  Javi is from Spain. And they met abroad in Uruguay.  Life is crazy how it brings two people together, and their relationship is beautiful.  Rachael is ambitious and has become fluent in spanish to the point of finishing her college degree in Spain.  Javi is hilarious and always willing to entertain, our favorite being his paper balancing act and half-learned magic tricks.  Here is their home and a quick glimpse into their life, love and puppies.