Final Stretch to the NorthEast

Our destination since the beginning was my cousin’s house in Pennsylvania.  Their house is going to be our home for the next two months as we were invited to share life with her, her husband, and their two kids.  We are so excited to learn from them through dinner conversations and witnessing them love each other.  We were also excited to have a home base as we took greyhound adventures to the various big cities.  Here is the last stretch of our roadtrip to their house.  Richmond to West Chester.  We wanted to make it before spring.  We wanted to experience a little bit of winter. Our plan was a success, as we pulled up to their gorgeous house, covered in snow.

Although our time in Richmond was short, we loved the feel the city had to it.  The porches have comfy couches, the men walk around the streets in overalls, and the buildings and cars feel like a scene from an old movie set.