Eric & Jessica were here


This is my older brother and his gorgeous pregnant wife.  Growing up the baby in my family (youngest cousin by 10-20 years), I never understood the joy I would have in being an aunt, but I am ecstatic! This little girl is due in April, in between Jessica and Eric’s birthday and I can’t wait to meet her.  All she has done so far is given my sister-in-law a big belly, so we thought we ought to start by capturing that.    j&e_blog_004 j&e_blog_005 j&e_blog_006 j&e_blog_007 j&e_blog_008 j&e_blog_009 j&e_blog_010 ejblog100 j&e_blog_011 j&e_blog_012j&e_blog_013 j&e_blog_014 j&e_blog_015 j&e_blog_016fdlajfdljaldfsj&e_blog_001 j&e_blog_002 j&e_blog_003