Colin & Meredyth were here

A few weeks after Colin proposed to Meredyth he had to go up north for Park Ranger Training, making it a long and anxious few months of not seeing each other before their wedding.  I instantly fell in love with how laid back Meredyth and Colin are when we met up over coffee one morning.  They were referred to by our mutual friend, Jeremiah Bonjean, who is a talented photographer himself , however he played an important role in their relationship (by introducing them) so wanted him solely as a guest.  Upon meeting them Colin had some beautiful facial hair, and Meredyth was caught up in the important things of the wedding.  I felt blessed to be a part of their story, here is a glimpse of it…c&m_blog_001 c&m_blog_002 c&m_blog_003 c&m_blog_004c&m_blog_005c&m_blog_006c&m_blog_007c&m_blog_008 c&m_blog_009 c&m_blog_010 c&m_blog_011 c&m_blog_012 c&m_blog_013c&m_blog_014 c&m_blog_015c&m_blog_016c&m_blog_017blog_3c&m_blog_019blog_1blog_2c&m_blog_021c&m_blog_022c&m_blog_023c&m_blog_024 c&m_blog_025 c&m_blog_026 c&m_blog_027 c&m_blog_028 c&m_blog_029 c&m_blog_030 c&m_blog_031 c&m_blog_032c&m_blog_033 c&m_blog_034c&m_blog_039c&m_blog_036c&m_blog_037c&m_blog_040c&m_blog_042 c&m_blog_041c&m_blog_043 c&m_blog_044 c&m_blog_045 c&m_blog_046c&m_blog_047c&m_blog_048 c&m_blog_051 c&m_blog_052 c&m_blog_053During the parent dances, the DJ’s speakers shorted out and the look on their faces was priceless. To illustrate how awesome these two families are, I must tell you that they continued to dance to the music in their head for a while, until an Aunt decided to finish singing the song from the sidelines. c&m_blog_054 c&m_blog_055 c&m_blog_056 c&m_blog_057 c&m_blog_058 c&m_blog_059 c&m_blog_060c&m_blog_061c&m_blog_062 c&m_blog_063 c&m_blog_064 c&m_blog_065 c&m_blog_066 c&m_blog_067 c&m_blog_068