Casey & Laura were here

This wedding is one of my favorites! The feels all day were so good.  It was the 3rd wedding I’ve been lucky enough to photograph of a group of friends that met through playing college ultimate frisbee.  I have fallen in love with the group’s love for each other and every wedding they make me feel like part of the crew.  They tease each other, build each other up, encourage each other and challenge each other, with Casey and Laura being in the center of it all.  The beauty of the couple, the farm, the guests, and the details left me running around to see/capture it all and left my jaw hurt from smiling so much.  On top of that the bride and groom camped in the rain the night before their wedding with all their guest joining them the next night.  You will also see in one of the photos the matching plane tattoos they gave to each other, the sister-in-law standing in the fire pit in her dress trying to build the biggest bonfire, lots of laughter, and the greatest finale dance pit to end the perfect day.  Enjoy and if you want to listen to their first dance song while doing it turn on Giving Up by Ingrid Michaelson.

Casey and Laura your relationship is one that leave’s me hopeful and excited to be a human.