Bobby and Jess were here

 He once got pulled over for driving too slow and she likes to go to a movie theater just to purchase popcorn as a snack and bring it back home.  He proposed over a crossword puzzle with his great grandma’s ring that was also his grandma’s ring and his mom’s ring, which is now Jess’s ring and was never once resized.

Bobby is one of my brothers closest friends. I remember my brother explaining him to me before I met him and he referred to bobby as Jesus, meaning that Bobby was the nicest guy he knew and people were just drawn to him. And it is pretty true, he is one of those people that you look forward to talking to because he always has something interesting that he is learning or reading or just thinking about.  So when I met Jess and instantly felt comfortable around her and saw how down to earth she was, I was excited for the both of them.  I always feel honored when people I respect trust me to capture their life.  Enjoy these pictures, they are such a fun couple to shoot and easy because there is so much joy that is beaming from their relationship.


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